Our Panels consist of ABB Circuit breakers. But for monitoring the accurate timely ratings and all possible details like faults, we use the following specialized equipment in our Panels
1. Relays will be of reputed make :
Relays used are of Electromechanical / Numerical Type. They can be provided with Digital / Microprocessor features. Communication facilities and compatibility with DCS can also be provided.
Some of the Relays generally used are :
2. Instrument Transformers will be of reputed make :
Will consist of Current Transformers (CT's) and Potential Transformers (PT's) with the accuracy class and VA burden specified for primary and secondary ratings. Dual and Triple Core - Secondary and Primary windings of selected ratings can be also be provided.

3 . Meters will be of reputed make :
They can be of Analog / Digital Type.
Meters generally used are:
Multifunction meter / Tri-vector Meter / KWH Meter
4/6/8/12/16 - Window Annunciator with/without Hooter
Digital Ammeter
Digital Voltmeter

4. Indicating Lamps and Switches will be of make :
Types generally used are :