With Today's latest innovations, which are changing everyday, the power requirements of the industry are increasing day by day. Thus, equipment is subjected to loads beyond their rated value. The equipment is also required to perform reliably, meet the necessary standards, sustain increasing fault levels and be compatible with the latest communication systems. In many cases, it is economically more cost effective to undergo retrofit solutions rather than replacing the existing breakers. The key value proposition of Retrofit solutions is the optimization of performance and investment. Basically, it means replacement of the equipment having the same or more advanced features to give advanced functionality and reduced maintenance. Overall it increases the system reliability, personnel safety and long term availability of spares. Thus, reducing the investment and down time.
Advantages: Types:
One to one Retrofit Solutions:
Here the new CB is re-engineered : - hence the static components of the panel are not changed like busbars, CT's, meters etc. The horizontal and vertical dimensions of the breaker along with the main and auxiliary contacts are matched with the old breaker. It can be done during convenient, short, pre-planned shutdowns.

Module retrofit Solutions :
Here the CB Compartment is re-engineered : - First, the new CB is inserted and tested. Then, existing partitions, shutters, racking mechanisms and control circuit plugs are replaced with new ones as required. The jumper links in the busbars are modifies. The design includes precise placement of breaker and panel contacts.